Lightning Protection

Lightning is one of nature’s most dangerous, yet controllable weather phenomena, with proper applications being 99.99% effective at alleviating damages.

Lightning strikes when you least expect

We here at Flagnations have been dealing with and controlling this powerful force for decades using quality UL listed components, applied to a multitude of surfaces that are wholly familiar with to accept, route, and safely ground this force and protect your family and valuable possessions.

We also respect this as a primary consideration on the installation of a flagpole, whereas we can propose the use of a flagpole as a substitute for the application of a complete protection system for a home or smaller commercial building.

Having been asked a thousand times as to “How effective is Lightning Protection?”, to which we reply “That we’ve never had to fix anything that had a proper system on it.”

They say “Lightning never strikes the same object twice” but we know better than that. Besides, it never really needs to since the first strike is usually complete devastation.

You’re One-in-a-million aren’t you? And isn’t that who lightning usually strikes?

We are UL certified installers and can provide quotes for a range of coverage, from High-point protection only, to overall envelope protection, including decorative methods of enhancing the applied system, or alternatives, such as Flagpoles that are capable of accepting the strike, on your behalf. We can protect chimneys, roofs, cupolas, domes, steeples, trees, gazebos, shelters, and more.

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