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History of the Vermont State Flag:  Vermont became a state in 1719 and has had four state flags from then till now. The original state flag was a green field with an azure canton filled with 13 white stars. This was referred to as the “Green Mountain Boys” flag because it had been used by the Green Mountain Boys militia during the Revolutionary War. In 1804, Vermont wanted to show their pride at becoming a new state with the Union so they designed a new state flag that was very similar to the United States flag. The Vermont flag featured the word “VERMONT” at the top, with the same amount of stripes and stars as the U.S. flag (at the time, the U.S. flag had 17 stripes and 17 stars). In 1838, Vermont changed their flag again. Vermont chose 13 stripes (to match the changed number of stripes on the U.S. flag) and one large white star in an azure canton with the Vermont Coat of Arms centered inside it. In 1919, Vermont decided it was time to create a unique flag that represented the many facets of their state. That is the current Vermont flag.

Description of the Vermont State Flag:  The Vermont flag is the state Coat of Arms on a field of deep blue. The coat of arms features a stag at the top, pine boughs on either side, and a banner beneath stating “Vermont” and “Freedom and Unity,” the state's motto. Inside the Coat of Arms is a pine tree to represent the state's forests, a cow and wheat to represent dairy and agriculture, and green mountains in the background to represent nature and the wildlife of Vermont.

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Virginia State Flag

Vermont State Flag

The Vermont state flag offered by Flagnations is just one of our many state flags. All Flagnations flags are made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to be the highest quality flags. Every unique state flag is made with SolarMax 200 denier outdoor nylon and finished with a white header and eye-catching brass grommets to ensure durability. This Vermont State Flag is dyed in brilliant colors to make your heart soar with patriotism for the United States and pride for Vermont. The Vermont flag comes in a variety of sizes that can be hung on a flagpole or on a wall. Order yours from Flagnations today!

Flagnations Trivia for Vermont: Vermont has had four different official state flags since 1791. Two of them were extremely similar to the flag of the United States and people were concerned that there was confusion when both were flying. Thus, Vermont’s current flag bears no resemblance to the U.S. flag.

Learn more about the Vermont state flag and other fun facts by visiting the State of Vermont website!

Flag Material Options:

  • Nylon: Heavy-duty nylon; versatile for outdoor or indoor use
  • Polyester: 2 ply; ideal for extreme weather conditions

We are Flagnations! Flagnations has been a family-owned and operated business since 1953. We have placed flags at federal buildings, stadiums, and the homes & businesses of Americans in almost every continental state. In addition to our vast variety of flags, we are also flagpole experts. Not only can we help you choose the style, size, and material for a new flag pole, but we can inspect and restore an existing flag pole. We are known for our excellent customer service. If you call us, you’ll speak directly to a knowledgeable Flagnations expert who can help you with all your flag needs!

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