1. Darlington Raceway - Flagpole Installation

    In this project, Unique Services and Applications (USA) installed a 100' steel flagpole from start to finish in just 4 days with two men. On arrival, we dug a 12' deep hole to support the massive 6500 Lb. flagpole. Once the hole was dug we dropped in the 10' steel foundation sleeve and custom made a large concrete base that will support the flagpoles flash collar as well as a monument that the speedway is to provide. The following day we poured several yards of concrete around the foundation sleeve, filled in the concrete base, and smoothed and finished all the concrete.

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  2. Allegheny County Courthouse - 2 outrigger style flagpoles and 1 ground set mounted flagpole restoration

    We removed the flagpoles and flagpole bases from the courtyard of the courthouse and cleaned them with an acid-based cleaner to bring them back to their original finish. We then re-installed the flagpoles to their original positions on the wall. Next, we installed a new hardware including solid braided nylon rope, stainless steel snaps, gold ball, aluminum truck system, non-tangle rods, cleats, lock boxes, and new flags. 

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  3. Butler PA - Flagpole Installation

    This project was located in Butler PA and we were working for Newbury Development at an Apartment complex on N. Main St. 
    We installed a 35’ internal halyard, Sentry model flagpole. You can see from the photos that we marked the area, dug the foundation, poured and finished concrete, assembled the flagpole, installed the flagpole, and raised the flag. All was completed in one day.

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