Internal Halyard Flagpole

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Please call 877-788-3524 or use out contact form below. We'll help, and without cost or obligation. Your safety is our primary concern. A lot of lives were honorably lost to for flag, we don't want a single one lost on accidents displaying it. Flagpole uses a standard halyard and cam cleat mounted inside the flagpole shaft. The simple to use cam cleat mechanism require no maintenance and is accessed by a locking cast aluminum door assembly. That door assembly is secured by 18-20 stainless steel allen head screws. Halyard noise is eliminated since only the flag, snaphooks, wounterweight and retainer ring are exposed. Standard fittings include a stationary cast aluminum truck on 5" shafts or a revolving cast aluminum truck assembly on 6" and 7" shafts; neoprene covered counterweight; beaded retainer ring; nickle plated snaphooks; gold anodized aluminum finial ball and heavy gauge spun aluminum flash collar. The ground set foundation sleeve is made of hot-dipped galvanized corrugated steel with self-centering wedges and an integrated grounding rod. Call for price 877-788-3524 or contact by email below. Our years of experience will help you get the correct flag pole for your needs. We also have timely and professional installation done with respect for neighbors and zero damage to adjacent grounds or buildings. Any type of installation, including custom concrete bases, memorial plaques, lighting, and skyscraper mounting. We Warranty the plumb of our installation for 10 years. This is ensuring your flag pole will be level & straight for years to come.

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