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Description of the New York State Flag:  The state flag of New York was adopted in 1778. The flag very closely resembles the flag carried during the Revolutionary War by New York's Third Regiment. The New York Coat of Arms is centered in a field of blue. Symbolism in the New York State Flag:  New York's Coat of Arms features many symbolic images. In the center is a shield. The shield features a sun rising above three mountains, the Hudson Highlands. At the forefront, is the Hudson river with two ships passing--to represent commerce--and green shrubs lining the shore. Above the shield is a globe turned to show the Americas and the Atlantic Ocean. Perched above the globe is an eagle looking to the right, which is a good omen. Below the shield is a white banner that reads "Excelsior." Excelsior is the state motto and is Latin for "Ever Upward," to signify that New York is constantly searching for higher goals to accomplish. On either side of the shield are two women: Lady Liberty and Lady Justice. Lady Justice is blindfolded and holds a sword and scale, to represent the blind justice that will be enacted fairly. Lady Liberty holds a staff with a Phrygian cap (commonly known as a liberty hat) and a crown lays at her feet. Both the cap and the thrown crown represent New York's freedom from Great Britain.

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NY State Flag

The New York state flag offered by Flagnations is just one of our many state flags. All Flagnations flags are made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to be the highest quality flags. Every unique state flag is made with SolarMax 200 denier outdoor nylon and finished with a white header and eye-catching brass grommets to ensure durability. This New York State Flag is dyed in brilliant colors to make your heart soar with patriotism for the United States and pride for New York. The New York flag comes in a variety of sizes that can be hung on a flagpole or on a wall. Order yours from Flagnations today!

Flagnations Trivia for New York:  The Phrygian cap held by Lady Liberty dates back to the second century in Europe. It is commonly called a liberty hat because it so closely resembles a Roman pileus hat. The pileus hat was worn by slaves when they were freed from bondage in the Roman Empire.

Learn more about the New York state flag and other fun facts by visiting the State of New York website!

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  • Nylon: Heavy-duty nylon; versatile for outdoor or indoor use
  • Polyester: 2 ply; ideal for extreme weather conditions
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