North Dakota State Flag

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History of the North Dakota State Flag:  From 1899-1902, the North Dakota 1st Volunteer Infantry fought for the United States in the Phillipine-American War. The North Dakota flag is almost exactly the same as their flag with the only difference being "North Dakota" embroidered in a ribbon across the bottom. This flag was adopted by the Legislative Assembly in 1911. In 1953, there was a proposed bill to change the state flag because it so closely resembled the United States Coat of Arms. The bill was defeated, leaving the flag as it is today. Description of the North Dakota State Flag:  North Dakota's flag is a field of blue on which a bald eagle is centered. In his talons, the eagle holds a bundle of arrows and an olive branch. The eagle wears a shield with 13 stripes representing the original 13 states to enter the Union. Above the bald eagle is a fan-shaped design that represents the birth of a new nation; this fan shape also contains 13 stars for the original states. The eagle's beak holds a ribbon embroidered with the words "One nation made up of many states." Below the eagle is a red and gold banner that reads "North Dakota."

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North Dakota State Flag

North Dakota State Flag

The North Dakota state flag offered by Flagnations is just one of our many state flags. All Flagnations flags are made in the U.S.A. and guaranteed to be the highest quality flags. Every unique state flag is made with SolarMax 200 denier outdoor nylon and finished with a white header and eye-catching brass grommets to ensure durability. This North Dakota State Flag is dyed in brilliant colors to make your heart soar with patriotism for the United States and pride for North Dakota. The North Dakota flag comes in a variety of sizes that can be hung on a flagpole or on a wall. Order yours from Flagnations today!

Flagnations Trivia for North Dakota:  The North Dakota state flag is an almost exact replica of the flag used by the 1st Volunteer Infantry of North Dakota. During the Philippine-American War, nine different men from the 1st Volunteer Infantry received the Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration presented by the United States.

Learn more about the North Dakota state flag and other fun facts by visiting the State of North Dakota website!

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  • Nylon: Heavy-duty nylon; versatile for outdoor or indoor use
  • Polyester: 2 ply; ideal for extreme weather conditions
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